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For cosmetic repair we always encourage you to come to our workshop in Tewkesbury anytime Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm. This gives us an opportunity to physically inspect your wheels which means you get a firm price and timescale. It also eases any concerns you might have as to what sort of company you are dealing with as there are always plenty of wheels around either part repaired or completed so you can see first-hand the quality you can expect. Alternatively send us some pictures via the contact form you can find elsewhere on the website.

On most occasions, repair to structural damage is much more predictable and therefore a quick call will often do.

Almost impossible to say without inspecting the wheels (see previous answer) but one thing is certain; it will be considerably cheaper than replacing them!

Obviously this depends on the extent of damage and the service required. Some pothole damage can be repaired on a while-u-wait basis with a pre-booked appointment. At the other end of the scale some alloys can take a week or in the case of split rims even longer to refurbish. We have tried to give some sort of guide for each service on the home page.

Of course, we have plenty of safe and secure space to store vehicles while repairs are carried out if required. If you prefer you can bring us loose wheels.

Absolutely. We understand that for many people their car is their only form of transport and therefore if we take that away from you we need to be in a position to offer a solution.

Yes. Although not our core business, in many cases tyres are coming off as part of the repair process in which case it makes sense to fit new tyres if required. Through our trusted partners we can supply almost any tyre at competitive rates if that makes the process easier for you.

By running some tests we can identify which service or combination of services are the most appropriate to solve the issue (see sections on Home page) but don’t worry, you don’t have to go to the expense of refurbishing them if you just want the wheel to be serviceable.

In our opinion a repair is not complete until the wheel has been rebalanced (N/A for wet painting). In fact, according to our supplier we are one of very few of his customers who buy his highest quality adhesive weights and what colour weights do you think we use on black wheels?

Most definitely. It is always cheaper to repair any damage prior to returning the car as many companies use the inspection as an opportunity to claw back some money to offset that low monthly payment. In some cases I have even heard of people being charged for replacement wheels!

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