Structural Damage Repair

This type of damage is generally caused by an impact of some description although more often than not it’s due to potholes.

Bent or buckled wheels

The back rim (or inner rim) of a wheel is quite malleable as there are no spokes supporting it to the wheel centre. An impact will deform this rim either by squaring off an area or areas (think of a 50p shape rather than a 10p) or bending the rim out away from the tyre. Both will result in vibration through the car or steering wheel, and often a loss of tyre pressure. If left unrepaired it can cause damage or premature wear to suspension components and tyres too. Repairs are carried out using a combination of heat, hydraulic rams and rollers and are virtually 100% successful with no lasting effects to the wheel.

Cracked wheels

Bigger impacts will actually crack the rim which then requires welding. Although very successful there are no guarantees with this type of repair.


  • Pothole damage
  • Bent or cracked wheels
  • Same day service and even while-u-wait service (booking required)

Reinventing The Wheel's Guarantee

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The work is guaranteed for 12 months* to give you peace of mind.

*T&Cs apply.

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