Diamond Cut Finishing

Beware - not all diamond cut refurbishments are the same, compare our process before you compare our prices

The wheel goes through the same process as Bare Alloy Restoration in terms of stripping and recoating, ensuring all painted areas are returned to an “as new” condition NOT JUST diamond cut areas.

Prior to lacquering, using highly advanced CNC Diamond Cutting lathes the paint is removed from the raised sections exposing bare metal and giving it a highly polished finish hence the “silver” sections. As before the wheel is then lacquered.

Custom options include changing the base colour prior to diamond cutting the face, and using tinted or coloured lacquers instead of clear lacquer which changes the colour of the bare metal sections.

Partial re-cutting in the event of minor damage is possible and is a much quicker and more cost effective solution although doesn’t achieve an “as new” finish but in some cases may be sufficient for your needs.


  • Partial recut (minor damage only)- same day service
  • Full face recut (returns wheel to original factory finish)- 4/5 days
  • Custom options including changes to base colour and tinted lacquers.

Reinventing The Wheel's Guarantee

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The work is guaranteed for 12 months* to give you peace of mind.

*T&Cs apply.

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