Bare Alloy Restoration

As the name suggests a more extensive refurbishment particularly suited to older wheels or where the existing painted surface is unstable due to corrosion or flaking paint.

Bare alloy restoration

Process is as follows

Chemically stripped

Slower but preferable to shot blasting as aluminium is quite soft and shot blasting often damages the surface of the wheel resulting in pitting.

Bare alloy restoration powder coating

Preparation and Re-coating

Wheel is thoroughly cleaned and any corrosion treated and damage repaired. Inspected for any flat spots, buckles or cracks.

As far as possible following the original manufacturing process, powder coat primer is applied as it’s much thicker than paint and fills any minor imperfections resulting in a really smooth basecoat.

In general we use wet paint for the colour as being a liquid, it gives a much better finish particularly with metallic colours as it allows a better distribution of metal flake than is achievable with powder. Finally powder coat lacquer to ensure durability and longevity of the finish.

Bare alloy restoration clean


Once complete, tyres can be refitted, valves replaced (or refitted in the case of metal valves), the wheel is rebalanced and it’s ready to go. Again you can either drop loose wheels off with or without tyres, or opt for a drive-in, drive-out service. Courtesy cars are available if required.

Bare alloy restoration drive off service 2


  • Older wheels showings signs of corrosion
  • Flaking paint from poor previous repairs
  • 3-5 days repair time

Reinventing The Wheel's Guarantee

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The work is guaranteed for 12 months* to give you peace of mind.

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